​​​​​​​​We currently have only one regular teacher. Sara DuVall is a private contractor, not paid by the owner of this business. Because she schedules her own classes, and charges her own fees, enrollment and payment are handled by her. There is a live email link below to contact her. The owner of this studio does not have information about Sara's classes other than when they meet, and which days.


Sara DuVall  : Hand Building  and Potter's Wheel Adult  and Youth Classes 

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday  9am - 11:30am   Beginners/Intermediate. Create square boxes, triangular vases, bowls, oval shapes... hand building lends itself to any shape. Your only limitation is your imagination! Potter's wheel instruction at the beginner level will be included after you have learned the basics about clay.

There is plenty of room for more students, especially on Monday and Wednesday.

To enroll in this class, youmustcontact  Sara DuVall  email: ceramicsbysara@att.net  

We currently do not have an exclusively potter's wheel class. Sara DuVall will get you started with hand built projects that do not involve the potter's wheel. Once you have the basics, she will happily get you started on learning to throw on the potter's wheel.

If you have questions about becoming a studio member, or scheduling a group activity, please use the form below:



Groups of 4 to 6 people can schedule a one-time, private class on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Times of availability will vary.

Cost: $40each person will include 2 1/2 hours of instruction and clay.

This fee does not include firing and glazing.

Payment must be received 2 weeks in advance to reserve your event. You may pay by check. The instructor's name will be the payee. We will give you that information when you are ready to reserve the date. Payment will only be refundable if  the event is cancelledat least 3 days prior to the date. 

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