Get Centered Memberships are for artists who demonstrate they are able to safely work independently in our environment.

Because members are trusted to work in the studio at any time of day, they will need to know how to use tools and operate equipment. They also agree to do their part in maintaining a safe and clean space for themselves and others using the studio space. Membership who demonstrate proficiency may also be approved by management to operate our electric kilns. 


Our members honor others by only handling their own art pieces. The creations of others are precious to them and we love that! 


Perhaps the most important aspect of pottery safety is keeping dust at bay. Clay contains respirable silica which can be a health hazard. For this reason, we must all continually mop and wipe down tables, shelves and equipment with wet cloths and sponges. In addition, masks should be worn when necessary. Each member is responsible for understanding the risks related with working in spaces where silica is present. Please take a moment to read more on their website


Basic Membership Requirements & Fees

Since 2008, we have offered ceramic arts classes and group studio space. 


The  desire to create with clay is calling to many people in our ever- society. It offers a contemplative experience. Working with clay on a potter's wheel, one must learn to center the clay before beginning the creative process. This is the origin of the business' name: "Get Centered Clay Studio." It is called a clay studio, because many things besides pottery can be made with clay, including but not limited to: sculpture, tiles, and wall art.

At this studio, we strive to create an inclusive, friendly  place for people to explore the art and science that makes working with clay so fascinating and enduring.

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